About I PAC

I PAC PALLET Sdn. Bhd. (906853-U) is a designer and manufacturer of pallets.

I PAC PALLET can trace its experiences and strength in solid R&D work in developing pallet solutions for numerous applications. Our pallet solutions are customer focused and serve to bring you the most value in terms of achieving efficient logistics and reducing your total costs. We recognize that your success is our success.

I PAC PALLET core business is manufacturing paper pallets. Our light weight paper pallets have proven to save costs in air freight applications. Our paper pallets are ISPM15 compliant and do not require fumigation or heat treatment prior to export. This ensures smooth custom declaration worldwide, wherever you are exporting to.

Besides paper pallets, I PAC PALLET also offers light steel pallets, wood pallets and plastic pallets. We also offer packaging products such as trays, sleeves, lids, dunnage bags and edge protectors. In addition to our range of solutions, we are also able to offer customized systems for your specific needs.



Paper Pallet Gallery

iPac 4-way heavy duty paper pallet (edgeboard) iPac 2-way heavy duty paper pallet iPac 4-way heavy duty paper pallet (core) iPac 4-way heavy duty paper pallet (block)