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Pallet Size
Length (Runner side) Width Height

Loading Requirements

Stacking Requirements

Entry Points
 2-way 4-way

Material Handling Method
 Forklift Pallet hand truck Lift trucks Conveyor Other

Pallet Type
 Export Standard Rackable Nestable Reversible Stringers Other

Racking Requirements (if any)
 Edge-Racked Drive-in Rack Fully supported bottom No racking required

If you use a conveying system, what type?
 Conveyor with rollers Conveyor with wheels Conveyor with other

Working Environment & Special Application Requirements:

 Ambient Refrigerator Freezer Elevated

Special Applications
 Food grade RoHS compliant HACCP Clean room Other



Paper Pallet Gallery

iPac 4-way heavy duty paper pallet (block) iPac 2-way heavy duty paper pallet iPac 4-way heavy duty paper pallet (edgeboard) iPac 4-way heavy duty paper pallet (core)